Guide to Custom Clothing Labels



Tips to help you get started


  • Design:


Although we do not design logos, here are some criteria and pointers to help you get started when designing your own logo or working with a graphic designer on your logo. 


Packing your label with a lot of art may end up detracting attention from the name of your clothing brand. 

We recommend keeping it uncluttered with just the name of your brand and maybe a simple brand symbol (Refer to your own closet and the tags that are in there for inspiration. Many of the times, you will see that their name and sometimes a recognizable symbol is the only design on the tags). 

Anything extremely detailed may not turn out great, and sometimes we are also limited in our ability to produce it and may ask you to remove certain design elements from your logo 


Since everyone’s vision and logo designs are different, there isn’t a size we can generally recommend. If your design is more detailed, we recommend a bigger label as you will lose some of the details in a smaller size. We recommend choosing a label size that follows the size of your design. 


We recommend contrasting colors to make your logo stand out. 

Ombre or gradient color effects are something we can’t achieve on any of our labels, if your logo has an ombre or gradient effect, we will ask you to replace it which may delay your production time.

Alternatively, if your ombre or gradient effect is meant to imitate a metallic color, we offer metallic thread options for our woven labels at an extra charge.  

File Type:

We require the design to be uploaded as an original PDF file or original vector file (Adobe Illustrator). PDF files or original vector files give us the highest resolution for your design which will ensure that your design on the final product will not turn out blurry or illegible. If the incorrect file is uploaded, we will ask you to send the correct one which may delay your production time.


  • Types of labels and their textures


We offer three main types of labels: woven, printed, and hang tags. 

Woven labels: your logo will be woven into the cloth like producing fabric. 

Printed labels: your logo will be screen printed on the label. We have satin and twill materials available for the printed labels. 

Hang tags are printed onto card stock and usually hang on the outside of clothes. Please email us regarding inquiries about hang tags. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about the process.